Floral art for any dining occasion

Caroline's Chakalaka Braai Sauce (2).png

After a morning’s cooking over a hot stove, my excited Zulu ladies and I moved up to the cool of the thatched pool shelter for a once-upon-a-time cookery class with a bright and colourful difference! Linda, my amazingly talented teacher, and floral artist sister-in-law had arrived to bless these enthusiastic women by demonstrating a variety of simply stunning table flower arrangements, each one done in a 10 x 10 x 10 cm square glass vase, using flowers straight from my garden. No fuss but so much flare!

Arrangement 3.jpg

This lesson has stood myself and Sis’ Sbongile, my talented cook, in great stead whenever we lay the dining room table for a dinner party. Try your dab hand at one or two. Add some glass marbles for a special effect. 

Arrangement 1.jpg
Arrangement 5.jpg
Arrangement 6.jpg
Arrangement 7.jpg
Arrangement 2.jpg