Last Minute Christmas Baking

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 Last minute “bakes” that will more than make up for lost time! No oven needed!

1.    No Bake Christmas Cake

Have you missed your Christmas cake baking deadline?

You may be one of those hoping that the old story about most fruitcakes not getting eaten is believable, or even appeasing your conscience that maybe at the end of the day a Christmas cake is simply an obligatory necessity to complete the Christmassy fare and feel, often left untouched, eventually packed away with the Christmas decorations!

No excuses with this one, and certainly not the case should you decide to rustle up this festive version at the last minute! You bet your bottom dollar every morsel of this “sweet” will be gourmandised by family and guests alike. Guaranteed you’ll be asked for the recipe too!

One of those day before “sent from heaven “lifesavers”, and just on time for you! A gracious recipe with even a few days to go, allowing you time to shop for the ingredients!

What’s more! The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” may just stand you in good stead for future Christmases, and even as a teatime treat for any occasion during the year. A perennial favourite!

Gcoba isitsha li round le Tupperware noma i-baking trayi eliyiskwele elikulu.



250 gr ka bhotela

¾  inkomishi ka shukela

2 ½ izinkomishi ka fruitcake mix

½ inkomishi amacheries asikiwe uhafu

2 amaqanda elikulu

1/8 tispuni ka sawoti

2 TBSP ka brandy noma u-sherry

2 tispuni ka vanilla essensi

½ inkomishi amanuts oqotshiwe (nokohethwa)

2 amaphakhete yama Marie Biscuits ibe phukile


Indlela Yokwenza

1.    Ncibilikisa ubhotela noshukela kwibhodwe likulu ukushiseni eliphansi. Musa kubila.

2.    Faka i-fruitcake mix namacherries. Xaphisa inhlama ku 3-5 miniti ugovusa kanacne. Khipa ekushiseni ushiya kuphole kancane.

3.    Shaya amaqanda, no sawoti, brandy no vanilla essensi. Thela kwinhlama ka fruit. Hlanganisa kahle.

4.    Thela amanuts kwinhlama ka fruit. Hlanganisa kahle.

5.    Thela amabhiskiti kwinhlama ka fruit. Hlanganisa kahle.

6.    Faka inhlama kwi round ka Tupperware. Ncindizela kahle. Faka efrigini ku 12 amahorwakuiqine kahle inhlama.

7.    Kipa ikhekhe kwi Tupperware. Fafazela nge icing sugar. (Ngo Khisimusi ukhumbula amakhasa ka holly!)

8.    Fafaza nge isingi sugar. Hlobisa ngamakhasa ka holly.

9.    Sika ibe amaslayi mase uphaka.


Isu: Ngaphandle kwi isingi sugar okwazi uhlobisa nge glace’ isingi:


¾      inkomishi ka isingi sugar

½ - 1   TBSP obisi

¼       tispuni ka cinnamon (nokukethewa)


Hlanganisa zonke izithako ibe ipasti. Musa ibe manzi i-isingi. Hlobisa i-khekhe.

Spray and Cook a Tupperware Jel-ring mould.


250 gr     butter/Rama

¾           cup sugar

2 ½         cups fruitcake mix                  

(You can omit the cherries and

½             cup cherries, halved                         

3 cups fruitcake mix.)

2            x-large/jumbo eggs

1/8          teaspoon salt

2            TBSP brandy/sherry

2           teaspoons vanilla essence

½          cup chopped nuts (optional)

2           packets Marie Biscuits, broken into 50 c -size pieces



1.    Melt butter and sugar in a large pot over a gentle heat. DO NOT BOIL!

2.    Add fruitcake mix and cherries. Simmer for 3 - 5 minutes, stirring every now and then. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

3.    Beat eggs, salt, brandy and vanilla essence and add to cooled fruit mixture.  Mix well.

4.    Add nuts to fruit mixture. Mix well.

5.    Add broken Marie Biscuits. Mix in well.

6.    Press mixture into Tupperware Jel-ring mould, and leave to set in the fridge overnight.

7.    Unmould cake onto an attractive plate and sprinkle with sifted icing sugar. Remember the holly at Christmastime!!

8.    Cut into slices as needed.



Instead of the sifted icing sugar you may ice with glace’ icing made up with:            

¾          cup icing sugar

 ½ - 1     TBSP milk                                            

 ¼          teaspoon cinnamon         


Mix ingredients to form a paste that will drizzle well, and not be too runny!

 (Omit cinnamon if you want icing to be “as white as snow”!)


2.    Date Balls

Almost as fruity as mince pies and even easier to make. All you need is a pot, a stove top, some basic ingredients and a smidgen of time!

A “bestie” make ahead of time recipe, these versatile finger nibbles are ideal as a teatime treat! They store forever in an airtight container.

We often use them as after dinner “sweets” in lieu of dessert after a generous meal served at our local Mackenzie Country Club. One of those old faithful failsafe’s that I’ve made ever since I discovered these round delicacies at a best friend’s book club tea over 30 years ago! I indeed asked Jen for this recipe

Intandokazi netiye noma nekhofi emva kwesidlo sakusihlwa esikhundleni saphudini!

Kwenza amabhola angama-50 kuya kwangama-60



1     iphakethe (200g) lamabhisikidi amaMarie

¾     inkomishi (180g) yebhotela 

1      inkomishi kashukela

1      iqanda elishayiwe

1     ithisipuni levanila/ ivanilla essence

1    iphakethe (250g) lamadates, aqotshiwe

umjwaphuno kasawoti

ukhukhunathi owomisiwe


Indlela yokwenza

1.    Bhuduza amabhisikidi amaMarie emshinini wokugaya ukudla aze acoliseke. Beka eceleni.

2.    Thela ibhotela noshukela ebhodweni ukuncibilikise ngezinga lokushisa eliphansi, ulokhu ugovuza. Susa esitofini.

3.    Thela iqanda elishayiwe, ivanila, amadates nosawoti ulokhu ugovuza. Hlanganisa kahle.

4.    Buyisela esitofini ukupheka umzuzu owodwa ulokhu ugovuza. Susa esitofini.

5.    Thela amabhisikidi abhuduziwe uhlanganise kahle. Yeka ingxube iphole kancane.

6.    Yenza amabhola angama-3cm ngenhlama, waphonse kukhukhunathi agcobeke kahle bese uwabeka ensimbini yokupholisa.

7.    Wapholise ngokuphelele bese uwagcina esitsheni esivaleka ngci.

Ever popular for tea or with after-dinner coffee in place of dessert!

Makes about 50 – 60 balls



1     packet (200g) Marie biscuits

¾     cup (180g) butter

1      cup sugar

1      egg, beaten

1     teaspoon vanilla essence

1    packet (250g) dates, chopped

pinch of salt

desiccated coconut



1.    Crush the Marie biscuits quite finely in food processor. Set aside.

2.    Place the butter and sugar in a pot and melt gently over low heat, stirring continuously. Remove from heat.

3.    Stir in the beaten egg, vanilla essence, dates and salt. Mix well.

4.    Return the mixture to the heat and cook for 1 minute, stirring continuously. Remove from the heat.

5.    Add the crushed biscuits and mix well. Allow the mixture to cool slightly.

6.    Roll the mixture into 3cm balls. Toss in the coconut and place on a cooling rack.

7.    Cool completely and store in an airtight container.