Newbies Cookery Class

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I am back! Mackenzie Farm Kitchen has been abuzz stirring the pots with my favourite ladies, the Zulu chefs working in the kitchens of roundabout local communities. After being out of the kitchen for almost 2 years…what a delight!

Wednesday 26 September heralded in a class of 12 “Newbies”, a fresh group of Zulu ladies who have yet not attended any of my cookery classes. The atmosphere was simmering with sizzling excitement as they gathered outside in the garden with the scent of sweet jasmine in the air. New beginnings budding in so many ways!

As per custom the cookery class opened with praise, worship, and prayer. With gladness we committed the work of our hands to be established by the Lord. A gentle hush, a blessing, filled Mackenzie Farm Kitchen’s heavenly cyberspace, equipping each one of us present to teach, learn and equip one another to pay forward the gifts of our hands into the homes to which these eager cooks return to ply their newly accomplished passion - cooking and baking for loved ones!

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I believe in starting out with do-able, flop proof, tasty versions of everyday family meals. Immediate success always motivates and engenders confident expectation of a delicious outcome. It happens every time a coconut!

We kicked off with a brief revision maths lesson in fractions to get everybody on board refreshed with metric cup and spoon measurements. Each chef received her own personal flip file with the first 4 recipes of the course tucked between its sleeves, as always written in both Zulu and English.  The charming ladies helped me polish up my rather rusty Zulu cookery vocabulary as we methodically worked and cooked our way through to the end of the 4-hour long morning with a break for a cuppa between sessions.

By the end of the morning each chef took home a sample of the day’s food fare: Creamy Smoky (if you add the bacon) Mac and Cheese, Saucy Sausages served with versatile Best Mashed Potato; and a light sweetly tangy Granadilla Mould dessert, just perfect to end off a satisfying meal.

With glee each lady returned, homeward bound, eagerly awaiting to give their dab hands a go in the kitchens of their own homes and those of their appreciative employers.

I waved them cheerio, satisfied and full, eagerly awaiting their return in a fortnight’s time to add to their repertoire.

Khamba kahle! Ufundile kahle! Ngiyabonga!