I welcome visitors to my website as I would guests into my home; with open arms and the sincerest wish that these recipes bring as much warmth and joy to you as they have done to me. This site is created and maintained by me, Jules Stone. All recipes and blog posts are lovingly shared with you the reader. Simple, delicious, farm-style fare, shared among family and friends, is what Pheka Nathi! Cook With Us! is all about.

My first cookbook has taken me along a winding, twisting, beautifully scenic path. I am still on this cookbook authoring journey, but my destination is on the horizon and I hope to have Pheka Nathi! Cook With Us! published and ready to roll out soon! For now, it is through my blog that I invite you, your family and friends, to try the recipes. It is my aim that this blog, and in the near future my cookbook, become an indispensable tools for all those who love to cook!   With regard to leaving comments, constructive criticism is welcome, however I ask that you don’t say anything on this site that you wouldn’t say in my farmhouse kitchen – lest I chase you out the door, wooden spoon in hand.  

Thank you so very much for visiting, and please enjoy!


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